Jumat, 23 Oktober 2015

modifikasi satria

Modifikasi satria fu is fairly well suited to the purchasing power of Indonesian people in general. For the price of New Vega Yamaha drum-type RR priced at USD 11.99 million, while for the type of discs worth USD 12,450,000. There are four variants of colors that we can choose, namely red, black, blue, and white. With the release of Yamaha's New Vega RR will increasingly brisk competition in the motorcycle market in particular types of motorcycle in the community.

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By carrying out a superior specification and convincing performance, this bike is believed to be sold well in the market such as motor vega previous generation. Moreover, as the last generation vega, certainly many motorcycle enthusiasts who want to experience driving a motorcycle charming with an affordable price

it is more affordable than Yamaha Scorpio Z or New Vixion. However, this does not directly make Yamaha Byson losing performance. Yamaha Byson give the appearance of a fierce and formidable as the motor continues to undergo updates from Yamaha. Lately Yamaha is being concentrated to continually raise their motor performance. They do not like Honda are more focused to produce new motors. Yamaha tends to perform new innovations to the motors they produce. Yamaha Byson be one of the motors that go back into the kitchen dressed Yamaha to become more modern with a very high tech.

One updates the maximum conducted by Yamaha in the motorcycle Byson is Injection system. So in his latest output, Yamaha Byson bring frills alias FI Fuel Injection. This makes the motor is more efficient than ever before because it no longer uses a carburetor system. Yamaha Byson on the old version still uses a carburetor system. Thus, this great motor sport certainly more efficient than ever. In addition to injection technologies, Yamaha also dress motor sport is becoming more masculine by striping a more assertive and straightforward. This makes the price of Yamaha Byson not seem cheap because this motor still look cool coupled with other motor sport on the streets. modif satria fu terbaru

Although performed with the injection system, the latest Yamaha Byson actually have a lower capacity than its predecessor. Yamaha Byson with carburetor system has a capacity of 153 cc. For the latest, Byson motorcycle carrying a smaller cubication 149 cc. Indeed Byson speed becomes slightly more reduced. However, the motor speed is still above the average. Byson can reach a maximum speed of 133 km / h. However, what is important is the motor of this Byson be more efficient than ever. For fans of touring that will use this bike for long trips, of course fuel consumption more efficient be a distinct advantage.